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Biological Stains
Biological stains find their applications in flow cytometry and epifluorescence microscopy. These are eminent in allowing the dyes to differentiate between different types of cells like white blood cells and bacterial cells. Biological stains penetrate deep into the cell membranes.
Culture Media Ingredients
Culture media ingredients are used as a feed and food additives. These are mostly utilized for allergies to milk and atopic dermatitis like eczema. Culture media ingredients provide several types of proteins like caseins, soy protein, whey and more. 
High Purity Metal Salts
High purity metal salts are found in porcelain cements, water purification, tanning, deodorants etc. These are also used in fireproofing textiles, vegetable glues, dyeing and more. High purity metal salts have accurate compositions, maximum purity, high efficiency and non-toxic nature. 
High Purity Solvents
High purity solvents act as vinegar in cooking applications. These are best suitable for pickling, making salads, canning and more. High purity solvents prevent fungal and bacterial ear infections. Our offered products also find their usage in food processing plant, cleaning and disinfecting product. 
Ion Pairing Reagents
Ion repairing reagents can be utilized as mobile phase additives for the separation of highly polar substances and ionic substances. These also cause neutral atom or molecule to be dissolved into oppositely charged fragments. Ion repairing reagents are easy to use and highly efficient. 
Lab Reagents
Lab reagents are formulated for the processing of various dyes. These are also found in the making of tanning agents, pigments, fluorescent whiteners, antiseptics, antioxidants and rubbers. Lab reagents have colourless crystalline solids that are highly efficient and versatile. 
Ph Indicators
pH indicators are highly demanded for providing rough pH value of chemical solutions like shampoos, soil and fruit juices. These are known in the market for accurate measurement or reading and maximum efficiency. pH indicators also check the absorbency and spectroscopy. 
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Pharma chemicals are ideal for soldering fluxes and tinning. These are also used as electrolyte in dry cells and nitrogen in fertilizers. Pharma chemicals are non-toxic, 100% pure, highly efficient and easy to use. Our provided products can also be used as galvanizing coating.   
Precious Metal Salts
Precious metal salts are most commonly used as a hydrogenation catalyst. These are also suitable for platinum plating. Our provided products are appreciated in the market for their excellent performance and longer shelf life. Precious metal salts have accurate compositions. 
Rare Earth Metal Salts
Rare earth metal salts are widely used for oxidative addition reactions. These are appreciated for enabling carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond formation. Rare earth metal salts are usually red in colour. The said products are admired in the market for maximum purity and longevity. 
Speciality Chemical
Speciality chemicals act as precursor materials, catalyst and reagent. These are found in industrial chemistry, film deposition, LED manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and more. Speciality chemicals can be used in mallorys connective tissue stain, altmanns mitochondrial stain and van gieson connective tissue stain.